Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Blog

Now I'm going to have three blogs: the blog I posted on for two years is intact at I posted recipes there. But I want a place to post and organize recipes and talk about good food. So here 'tis the place!

The pictured cookstove in the Karey's Kitchen header is my cookstove. It sits in our great room between the kitchen and dining area. The great room also consists of a sitting area with couches, wing-back chairs, and rocker - we call it "the keeping room".

Guests have walked in wondering if that stove is my cooking source. But I do have a regular electric glass top stove/range, that's a part of the kitchen island. And I do have a microwave combo convection oven, as well as a toaster oven - both housed in wall storage where a pull out shelf holds my Bosch Universal kitchen mixer. And my grain grinder is stored on the bottom shelf. I so enjoy and use all my kitchen toys - my wonderful servants!

The cookstove is used primarily to take the chill off the area on cold days when the sun's not shining. If it's burning for long, I often cook on it. Might as well keep a soup or stew simmering. If the electricity goes out ... fine. It's a wonderful place to pull the rocking chair up to, open the oven door for the heat to escape into the room, and prop feet upon, with a warm beverage and read. Great atmosphere!

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